Downtown 2019


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Downwind / Open Ocean / Choppy Waters

Stable, fast gliding and very maneuverable in the bumps. We took this feedback and kept with the same bottom design concept but updated the smaller design features. First, we moved the entire cockpit further back to create more volume and a better placed ‰ÛÏrecovery‰۝ volume. The nose got refined and added more curve from the bottom up creating more ‰ÛÏkick‰۝ in the front for larger swells. åÊAlso, slightly softer entry in the nose simply for forgiveness in cross swell. This board is incredible upwind.åÊ The dugout got straighter rails creating a 1.5‰۝ wider standing zone.åÊ Also for 2019 will add the scupper covers for more aerodynamic properties and help for blocking water from coming inside the dugout from the scuppers.