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Blackfish Air

All Conditions / Performance Tour 

If you are looking for a sleek and streamlined inflatable to paddle faster and handle a wider range of conditions while doing so the Blackfish AIR was designed for you.

The goal was to pack as much technology as we could into the design and make a board that would offer more bang for your buck in this midrange price point.

Key design features is the lightweight construction. This board is noticeably light compared to others the same size. Also, the rocker is increased to adapt to multiple conditions from flat water to more windy and/ or bumpy ocean conditions.

We use a Skeleton style core membrane that is very light and what creates the stiff "rigid" board feel and speed. This core structure provides unmatched performance and dependability. This core is then reinforced by drop stitch construction, heat pressure bond lamination and a perimeter glade frame. The outer rail is made of a higher density to promote even more stiffness and impact strength. Finally we've incorporated ICT Carbon technology which is an infused carbon structure in the deck of the board. ICT provides stiffness more closer to a rigid board when properly inflated. 

-lightweight MSL fusion construction
-AES composite-tech layered membrane
-CCT - closed cell traction
-Dual Purpose Inflation Valve
-raceboard outline 
-ICT Tech carbon fiber reinforced for extra rigidity
-Multiple down on deck
-12’6” and 14” sizes
-comes with pump, patch kit, roller bag and fin