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All Conditions / Race / Flat Deck

The Blackfish continues to set the bar for all around / all conditions designs. The Blackfish has proven to hold its own on the world stage as both Kai Lenny and Shae Foudy paddled this board to victory in 2018. This year we kept the same paneled vee bottom concept and simply refined it. The nose entry is softer and more forgiving, which naturally increased flat water get up and go.åÊ This could be THE fastest board out of the gates.åÊ Volume has been adjusted to reflect a more balanced hull and the subtle contour changes from paneled vee to exit vee give the board incredible release and unmatched surfing capabilities.

The LTD construction is lighter by 2-3 lbs and is the best strength to weight we can make using the same construction method. The construction for 2018 is very durable and light weight, and the LTD is not quite as durable, but will feel significantly lighter. It's still our "carbon skin" style construction, just laid up differently and minimal to shed the weight. We went with the "raw carbon" look that Kai and Slater prefer and has become in-demand with our customers. Ride what the Pro's are riding, the best of the best for the serious paddler.