The Pocket Rocket was originally designed by Steve Boehne in the 70's.

While we were moving our shaping factory to a new location, we came across a box way in the back shelf that had a bunch of our original board logos. A miscellaneous collection of archived designs.

With it being 2020 and the timing of us celebrating our 50th Anniversary as a company, we thought it would be fun to re-issue some of the old designs and make them with the original throw back logos.

Turns out the Pocket Rocket has been our most exciting design and best seller so we've expanded it into it's own series. The Pocket Rocket, The Pocket Mini, The Pocket Quad, The Pocket Twin, and the Pocket Single. All boards build off of the same design platform but tweaked for the chosen fin configuration.

The wings and channel bottom add to its traction and grippy edge work. The Quad version is built with channels and configured in a way to offer more hold and carve through turns. Very fast and has a very wide range in terms of size of waves you can ride. Small to well overhead this board is killer.

We've built this board mostly in the longer sizes anywhere from 6' up to 8'6". Little bit of a step up or good wave board that catches waves really nice with lots of control and carve.