Traditional twin fin keel fish

Still one of the most fun rides around. Flat rocker and giant swallow tail. You know the deal.

We've added some modern touches to the classic. There is a slight concave in the deck that bleeds out to a moderate angled rail.

This allows high volume and performance while maintaining the integrity of the classic fish ride. In general, we like to build these boards with resin tints and high-end finishes but can custom basics like clear sanded as well.

Below is a list of standard Dims to give you a baseline. We can custom adjust dims if you want to get specific with the design.

Standard Dimensions



5'4" x 19.5" x 2.1" x 27.9L

5'6" x 20" x 2.3" x 30.7L

5'8" x 20.5" x 2.3" x 33.6L

5'10" x 21" x 2.4" x 36.6L

6' x 21.75" x 2.4" x 39.9L

6'2" x 22.25" x 2.5" x 43L