How To Order - Wave Ski

How to Order

First, you may have a few questions that can be answered by email, or by phone. Call Steve at 949 661-6699 or send an email to:

If you live in So. Cal. You can easily try a demo ski at San Onofre.

When you decided to order, we must know your leg length. You can save time by measuring your leg length see how below.


Wave Ski Prices

*Prices include foot straps, a seat belt or thigh straps, clear (white) color and glossed finish. There are limitless color options available that average between $60 to $200.

Fins are $40 to $65 and a seat belt with thigh straps is $50 more

$1650 7’ to 8’ long
$1730 8’1” to 9’ long
$1810 9’1” to 10’ long
$1890 10’1” to 11’ long
$3400 12’ tandem including foot pedals and rudder


$60 up to $300 for color
$900 foot peddles and rudder system for a Dominator ski.
$300 Werner Paddle


How to Measure your Leg Length

You need 4 pieces of 2” x 4” lumber each 12” long and someone to help place a piece at your feet.

Next sit on the floor. Now, stack two of the pieces one on top of the other on their side edges. This will create a 2” x 7” piece that is 12” long.

Slide these stacked pieces under your knees and let you legs rest on them. (On the average, men like a knee rise of about 7”, and shorter women like a knee rise of 5” to 6”). Have your friend place a piece of wood on edge against your feet.

Place the last piece of wood on edge against your back. With out moving any of the wood, stand up. Remove the two pieces that were under your knees. Make sure that the remaining pieces of wood are square to each other in order to get an accurate measurement.

Measure the distance between the piece that was against your feet and the piece behind your back. This is your leg length for a wave ski.