It has become one of our most popular models simply because no other manufacturer has had the foresight to copy it, if you want it, you can only get it from us.

I developed this model for myself because as I grew older, heavier and busier, I felt that my thin high performance boards were just getting too hard to paddle. I still surfed as good as ever and I wanted to maintain that fast, zippy feel of a shorter board without being forced to ride a long glide-in board all the time. I started adding thickness to my 8' funboard shape. For my weight, I found that I could make the board 3.75 thick and it would still perform fantastically, but it was so much easier to paddle and catch waves on. Now I shape the Secret Weapon from 8 to 10 and up to 4.25 thick for really big guys.

Standard Dimensions

7'6" x 23" x 3 3/4"

8' x 23" x 3 7/8"

8'6" x 24' x 4"

9' x 24" x 4 1/4"

The Original Secret Weapon

I started making this model around the time that I turned 40. I had gained about 15 lb. And didn't have time to surf as much, but I still surfed good as ever (so I thought). I loved that off the bottom and straight up the face surfing style that you can only get on an 8 board, but I just needed more floatation and wave catchability, so I started making my fun boards 3.75 thick. Soon my friends and customers were ordering these boards and the Secret Weapon model was born in 1988. In the early 90's we discovered the powerful Cluster tri-fin set up which gave the Secret Weapon even better performance.

The 18.25" wide nose Secret Weapon template is only available from an EPS/epoxy blank, but the semi pointed template is available in traditional polyester or EPS/epoxy.

The Secret Rad Noserider

From popular demand, I created this model from our famous Rad Noserider. It has the same half-length nose concave and sweet spot rocker along with a 20 nose and 16 tail, which adds even more to wave catchability. Because of the shorter length, it is even easier to nose ride simply because you are much closer to the nose. This is the most fun small wave board I have ever ridden.

The board featured has our traction pad and clear Monster Spray on the nose. The pad keeps your board clean, offers the best traction and is very comfortable to knee paddle on.

The Quad fin model

With this model, I have maximized performance by using a shortboard single concave and rocker and a more pulled in nose. It still has outstanding wave catchability because of the width and thickness. The bottom rocker is very advanced because the rail line maintains a normal curvy rocker that assists powerful rail turns, but the planing surface has a concave in the center of the board, which flattens out the rocker for ballistic trim speed. The concave also moves the rocker curve back towards the tail to a point right between your feet. At this point, the concave transitions into a V-bottom. It's like standing on a ball bearing when you turn. This bottom contour goes faster and turns better than a regular bottom. For those who prefer a wider nose, you can custom order a quad fin bottom contour with an original Secret Weapon wide nose outline, or with three fins instead of four.

The narrow nosed quad template is available in normal Polyester or EPS/ Epoxy, which is about 20% lighter, but also about 20% more expensive.

Semi Pointed

The only blank available in polyester now does not have a wide enough nose for the original template, so we use a semi pointed 17.5 nose for all the poly Boards. Many guys who don't nose ride prefer this more drawn in template anyway.

Custom Order

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